Chairmans ' Message

Chairmans ' Message Chairman
Manish Agrawal


Asatha Ma Sathgamaya,

                  Thamaso Ma Jyothirgamaya,

Murthyorma Amrthangamya

 means lead me towards truth from untruth, lead me towards light from darkness and lead me towards immortality from death, is the educational philosophy of Narmada Valley International School. The attainment of highest knowledge, creation of pious and virtuous young men and women is our credo.  To ensure l all round development of personality, physical, mental, spiritual, creative, and aesthetic we have provided the entire where-withal.  Our motto is to provide quality education. We not only concentrate on studies but also inculcate manners, conduct and good habits as part of a conviction that education is a process of self realization, which stays with a person for life. In keeping with the changing approach of modern education, NVIS emphasizes on teaching through practical application at every stage of our curricula. This makes learning an enjoyable experience and the learning process far easier. We have set up world class infrastructure, state-of-the- art laboratories, technology enabled class-rooms and high-tech campus; built international standard grounds and an environment that is conducive to individual's growth. We have arranged for the best human resources in terms of faculty, and other staff to run the Institute so that we can efficiently educate our wards for life. It will be our endeavor to create a dynamic environment for learners, mentors and parents.
May god bless everyone stepping in NVIS

With best wishes